Kolster 2017 - Helsinki - 1300 m2

Natural light, transparency and community for new workspaces  

Kolster is an expert in company intellectual property rights with a solid 143-year history behind the family business. Kolster's Fifth Generation wanted to start operating in new workspace and with a renewed visual identity. New bright office space was found in Salmisaari, Helsinki. The starting point for the design of the premises was to move from individual rooms to a more open space, maximizing the amount of natural light. Glass partitions were designed for the workspace and the light flowing from the large windows passes now freely.

Transparency was also wanted in the organizational culture. All employees are now easily accessible on one floor. Internal communication changed completely. People can see who is there and no longer need to communicate by phone and email. In the middle of the space is a café and a kitchen where people meet for a cup of coffee in the morning. The changing space allows all 80 employees to fit in one place.

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