White & Case 2018 - Helsinki - 1400 m2

White & Case enjoy revamped offices in impressive national romantic style Väinämöisenlinna  

Law firm White & Case was looking for a valued property in Helsinki city center which would allow the firm to build modern premises that match their operations. The well-known Väinämöisenlinna, built in 1901, designed by famous Finnish architects Gesellius, Lindgren and Saarinen, met these requirements.
White & Case chose Gullstén-Inkinen to provide architectural and interior design for this demanding project.
At the beginning of the project, many discussions were held about the objectives and the company culture. White & Case had a clear vision of the premises. The firm needed high quality office rooms with effective soundproofing. They also needed a well-equipped meeting centre apart from the offices. The design should pay respect to the original style of the building and also form an impressive setting for the firm’s art collection.

Old structures were taking down and new premises were re-built on top of the “skeleton” of the building. High expectations for soundproofing were achieved by sealing structures. A new interior staircase was built between the two floors. Office rooms’ glass walls allow maximum flow of natural light to the aisle in the middle, as the building is very deep.

Gullstén-Inkinen designed how to display the art collection in the new premises. GI was also given the task to visit Gallery Anhava and choose a new work for the reception lobby. Art adds colour and vivacity to the harmonious decor.

The premises now offer completely modern features while the original character of the building remains recognizable.

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  • Working & Learning Environments
  • Workplace & Change Management

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