UMA Kungsbron 2018 - Stockholm - 2350 m2

Flexible and modern coworking space in the heart of Stockholm  

Technopolis opened a new UMA Coworking space in the heart of Stockholm in April 2018. Located next to to the Cityterminal and Arlanda Express station, this first UMA of Stockholm includes 53 small offices, 90 shared workstations and seven meeting rooms.

The objective of the workspace design was to create an adjustable and clearly recognizable UMA space concept that flexibly suits many different ways of working while also representing Nordic design.

An essential part of the UMA concept is the open working community. Members can enter a spatious working area with their laptops and choose a workstation that suits their ongoing task or mood. The workspace also includes an open lounge called UMA Coffee as well as an adjustable space called UMA Event Venue for organizing events.

The guiding principle of the concept is to create a working environment where people can focus on their work while at the same time have a community around them.

  • Concepts
  • Working & Learning Environments

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