Terkko Health Hub 2018 - Helsinki

The campus library in Meilahti is now a meeting place for health and life science students, researchers and start-ups  

The University of Helsinki and the Helsinki University Hospital HUS ached for a new space concept for healthcare professionals, students and businesses. This is how Terkko Health Hub was born: it is an innovation and education centre to promote research and business in the fields of medicine, healthtech and life sciences under one roof with the Meilahti Campus library. Gullstén-Inkinen was asked to design the interiors of this co-working concept.

It was important to provide open-access areas to support exchange of ideas, networking and events. Large lounge, cafeteria and a green turf area with hammocks serve this purpose. There are also several working areas aka “Neighborhoods” separated with book shelves and carpeting. Old office wing of the library is now home for health and life science start-ups.

  • Public & Commercial Spaces
  • Working & Learning Environments
  • Workplace & Change Management

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