Telia Finland Tripla 2020 - Helsinki - 20000 m2

Unique head office in the new Tripla Workery  

Telecom operator Telia Finland moved its headquarters from Vallila to the new Central Pasila Tripla in the spring of 2020, connecting all Helsinki branch offices and more than 2,200 employees under one roof. Telia is the main tenant of the office towers, using ten office floors. Tripla complex created an impressive framework for the head office with a great location, a rooftop terrace and stunning views. Gullsten-Inkinen was involved in a unique project from the beginning to develop functional space solutions and a visual look for Telia.

The division of office space into two separate towers on several floors brought its own challenge; internal staircases were added between the floors and the floor connecting the towers was designed as a meeting place for the entire office, including a reception, café and conference center. The area of one office floor is about 1300 m2. The centre areas of the floors are designed as a lively collaboration area, while the ends calm down for concentration work. Plenty of meeting and quiet spaces of various sizes were planned for the office premises. There are no designated workstations in the workspaces, but employees are rather encouraged to meet and find suitable ways and facilities to work.

The name of the head office project “New home in Helsinki” also guided the design of the visual concept. The premises were hoped to be cozy and inspiring. The aim was to provide varied, visually different spaces from which employees could choose the environment they liked. The idea of a home-like environment inspired designers, as a meaning of home is different for everyone. A different visual theme was designed for each of the ten floors.

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