Hartela head office 2017 - Helsinki - 2650 m2

Home style head office for a Finnish construction company  

Gullstén-Inkinen took part in the spatial design of Hartela activity based office and in the development of the entire Ilmalan Asema property since the beginning of the project.

Large floor area was a baseline during the design of the building. The objective was to create a unified, consistent area as large as possible to include the whole organization on one floor. All 70 employees now work on one single floor instead of several separated sections. The lounge by the entrance is the new heart of the offices. It’s a café and, most of all, a meeting place.

Hartela is a local Finnish construction company that value home style and human scale – these are the most important brand messages that also the new premises succesfully communicate.

  • Working & Learning Environments
  • Workplace & Change Management

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