Happy Farmer 2020 - Helsinki - 460 m2

New stylish restaurant family in the heart of Helsinki  

The new Happy Farmer restaurant family opened on the corner of Helsinki's Sokos in August 2020. Happy Farmer consists of a street-level Kitchen & Bakery and an upstairs Coffee Bar & Wine. Gullstén-Inkinen was strongly involved in developing the new restaurant concept together with HOK-Elanto and was responsible for the interior design of the project. Happy Farmer is a carbon-neutral restaurant family that serves fresh, seasonally designed food and strives to take advantage of food waste.

The premises, which had previously operated as restaurant and café, underwent a complete transformation. Usability was improved through structural changes; a new staircase was added between the floors and the kitchen and serving areas were carefully designed from the perspective of both the customer and the staff.

The strong visual interior design concept was designed to support the restaurant’s menu, while being inspired by the architecture of the valuable building. The light and simple interior downstairs highlights fresh and colourful food. Upstairs, the atmospheric wood surfaces and warm colour palette of the café attracts you to stay longer.

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