Cinia 2018 - Helsinki - 800 m2

The history of telecommunication from Morse code to digital age was visualized in Cinia head office  

The network and cloud service provider Cinia’s new head office design was inspired by the company’s role as an international operator facilitating fast data connections around the world.

The company’s name Cinia is written in Morse letters on the glass walls of the meeting rooms in this way visualizing the history of telecommunication from Morse code to digital age.

The premises are divided into two parts: customer area and office area. The entrance is welcoming and reflects Cinia’s colors and brand image. In the heart of the space there is a meeting area that enables encounters and easy communication for the entire staff. The international atmosphere can be felt throughout the space and is also communicated in the photos taken around the world.

  • Working & Learning Environments
  • Workplace & Change Management

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