Nordea Staff Restaurant 2017 - Helsinki - 1400 m2

How to diversely utilize the space that stood empty outside the lunch hours?  

Nordea Campus Food Market located in the Vallila district of Helsinki is one of the largest staff restaurants in Finland. GI took part in its revamping, the purpose of which was to improve the functionality of the large space and highlight the building’s industrial spirit.

The space was divided into areas that each have different atmosphere and soundscape. In addition, there are several environments for working, meeting people and spending time together. There are five areas that can be separated from the rest of the restaurant with curtains and glass walls and that can be used for catering events for small groups.

The purpose is to attract the staff to use the space for work and fun also outside the lunch hours. Thanks to the revamping the Food Market is now the pulsing heart of the Nordea Campus.

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  • Working & Learning Environments
  • Workplace & Change Management

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