Nordea Restaurant R 2019 - Helsinki - 400 m2

A globally unique exception, where staff lunch has table service  

The former warehouse and loading dock of a mill from the 19th century were transformed into a relaxed, stylish service restaurant. Major alterations included replacing the loading dock door with a large viewing window that also opens up the Nordea Campus to passersby.

The design was based on a concept of a Finnish bistro, which features Finnish design, production and local food. The client hoped to have a restaurant, clearly distinctive from the previously completed Food Market, which would also serve as an on-demand restaurant for different occasions.

The history of the space as a workshop has been honored by exposing some of the old brick walls and structures and a flooring imitating a workshop floor. The restaurant serves tables and it's specialty is the built in charcoal grill in the kitchen.

  • Restaurants, Hotels & Housing

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