We start office design by studying the client’s working methods and office culture; then we find the correct office space solution to support the needs. When we plan the functionality of the premises,  we take into consideration room acoustics, lighting and work ergonomics. We have the tools and design experience to find the best office solution for you. Our state-of-the-art 3D visualization brings the space to life early in the design process, before the physical office change is implemented.

What is a good office space like?


A well functioning and flexible office space is an investment that can save you money. It is a space that is adaptable, durable and timeless.

There is no idle space on the premises and every square meter is effectively utilized, taking into account the needs of the users and their work tasks. What matters is the right number of different work and meeting spaces, that are properly sized for different functions and ways of working.

The office space is not designed for a specific number of people, and it also allows for changes: hiring new employees or reducing staff.

The office space is, above all, designed for the company and the way its staff works. For some companies, the right space solution means a multi-room office and for others, a traditional room office.

The premises are adventurous, cozy, inspiring and, above all, look like the company they were designed for. The look and feel also withstands time as it is not tied to any particular trend. The premises create a sense of community while providing areas for peaceful work. It attracts employees and creates a positive employer image.

Examples of our design services