The design of restaurants and hotels is centered around the positive experience of the customer. In addition to functionality, the design also takes into account the acoustics, lighting, and ambiance of the premises.

We have the tools and design experience to create the best space solution. Our state-of-the-art 3D visualization brings the space to life early in the design process before the changes are implemented.

The must-haves of a customer-oriented restaurant or hotel experience

Customers want to experience the ambiance when they visit restaurants and hotels, therefore the facilities must meet these expectations. The spaces should be visually distinctive, memorable, attractive, and comfortable. The image of quality is created with the look, acoustics, lighting, furniture, materials, and colors appropriate to the mood. The goal is to exceed the customer’s expectations and bring the “Wow! factor to everyday experiences.

In addition to the visual identity of the space, its functionality is also critical. Great planning includes also identifying and developing customer service paths. There should be enough space and the customer’s service experience should be as easy and intuitive as possible. The premises should be a perfect fit for their intended use. Planning that supports the work of the staff also takes into account the maintenance of the premises, accessibility, and logistics.

Materials, surfaces, and fixtures must withstand time and wear. The design must take into account sustainable development. When designing the layout and furnishings of a space, adaptability must be taken into account so that space and its appearance can be economically upgraded as needed.

The look and feel of the space meet people’s expectations towards the brand and creates added commercial and social value. We design spaces that look like our clients and match with their wishes and expectations, while also attracting customers and reinforcing the desired message.

Examples of our design services