Work environment development and change coaching


A change in the work environment often requires a change in work culture and ways of working. Through the development of the work environment, we can identify the needs, challenges and goals of the work community and help the people responsible of the change process to achieve the goals. Change coaching can be an idea workshop for the management or guiding the entire staff to use the new facilities.

Examples of our services:

• we conduct a work environment survey to identify the specifics of the work community’s work as a starting point for planning
• we will use workshops to find out how to make the current premises better serve the work community
• we train our staff to face the effects of the change of status on the way they work
• we support supervisors and internal communication in business premises change and communication scheduling
• involve staff in planning and explore new work patterns, while reducing potential resistance to change by building a pilot office at the customer’s premises

Examples of projects: