There are a lot of great buildings already in the world, and we want to “breathe new life” into them with our creative ideas. Developing existing buildings saves time as well as the environment.

Reasons to renovate

Renovation can significantly extend the lifespan of a building. It has a significant impact on the environmental load of the building: the longer a building works for its intended purpose, the smaller the environmental impact of the building it will be.


The older the building, the more likely it will be located downtown, have increased value and will be protected by governmental rules on its renovation and upkeep. The modernization of properties, innovating on their intended use, and transforming them to better meet today’s needs also increases the value of the property.

A unique environment or building can create a story that attracts customers. An expressive and old remodeled building is an interesting workplace, restaurant, or hotel when you want to create something special that leaves a memory.

“I’ve done multiple development projects with GI, that has included several renderings from the outside, and especially the interior. It is just amazing how vivid GI’s perceptual images are. They are really important to us, for example, in terms of sales materials” Teemu Rämö, Head of Sales and Business Development
NCC Property Development Oy