What we do

 Every project looks different - There is no brand tag in our work except ’quality’

Architectural Design

We specialize in placing confident, profound, modern development conversions and restorations into architecturally significant buildings achieving seamless interventions in precious buildings and locations. By reinstating buildings and use, we blend new and old in the fabric of urban life. We produce architectural solutions that are not only memorable, but also respond to organizations business needs; that are site and premises specific with suitable operating environment.

  • Restoration & Re-use
  • Feasibility studies
  • Options appraisal
  • Proposals of use
  • Turnkey developments
  • Fit out projects for rental properties


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Interior Design

Our award winning interior design reflect the client’s goals, values, and visions. Our long experience applied with solution driven ideas create designs that are both realistic and functional. Our creativity is balanced with practical, functional and sustainable spaces to meet users’ expectations. Working closely with our architectural team, workplace, and service design colleagues, we can generate ideas that can develop and deliver right and feasible project solutions. Our spaces are inspirational and influence those who use them.

  • Office Environments
  • Commercial facilities
  • Hotels and recreational facilities
  • Learning environments
  • Museums and events
  • Furniture consultancy
  • Customer experiences


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Workplace Design

Our team creates complete workplace strategies to help organizations effectively prepare and manage relocation and reorganization processes.  First we help, encourage and inspire the people who are in charge of making changes happen in their work environment and then we prepare, coach and guide the whole staff. By doing so, we ensure a smooth transition from current set up to a future proofed, versatile working environment. The future workplace is a versatile and adjustable working environment that enhances flexibility, enables rapid changes, maintains space efficiency, work productivity and wellbeing, fosters communication & collaboration and ensures a constantly developing organizational culture.

  • Identification of occupancy rate and work profiling
  • Right size policy
  • Participatory process: evaluating change readiness and facilitating change coaching
  • Tangible pilot office customization
  • Community creation


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Business Identity and Service Design

Business identity is an entirety that communicates its story in all areas of service. Also, the operating environment and the ways of encountering the customer are part of the entirety. We plan your companies service design journey and the visual appearance of space from the customer’s service experience to physical spaces and the building.

  • Optimizing the visual message of premises, unravelling client’s internal and external communications and focusing on the service message.
  • Developing a solution to an existing concept and improving an existing concept
  • Creating and implementing a comprehensive concept plan


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Real Estate Development

With our experience and knowledge, we can identify and develop the best concept for your property and determine the level of renovation required.   With real estate schemes, we can bring new life and purpose to old buildings, a fundamental pursuit of sustainable design. Successful businesses need the right premises in suitable operating environments. Weather it is a business requiring a utilization change proposal or an initial stage of a real estate project, we can provide this as a stand-alone service or as part of our architectural, interior design and workplace design service.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Proposals of use
  • Real estate and area developments


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We deliver responsive and integrated design-led solutions. Sustainable design is all about reinstating something existing, finding a new function and looking a bit further over the lines and limits.

  • Certified ecological materials
  • Long term environmental and commercial value
  • Maximizing effortless operational and maintenance practices
  • Effective optimization ‘right size policy’
  • Using existing resources i.e. building, legacy furniture, exposed surface finishes
  • Enhancing human capital, improving health and well-being
  • Modular solutions
  • Achieving accreditation: statutory compliance and environmental certificates (e.g. LEED, BREEAM)


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