Greetings from Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

The Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 was held again in February. Our designers were delighted to attend the fair, experience the top trends for the year and return to Helsinki with great new inspiration. Here are top three themes to observe for the year 2020, selected by our designers.

Pantone announced the timeless and elegant Classic Blue as the Color of the Year 2020.
The color Classic Blue was well displayed at the fair stands. In addition to the color of the year, both the exhibition stands and the furniture displayed a diverse color palette. Pastel hues were turned into more muted 70s shades and as a contrast to the muted tones, there were also deep and bright colors at the stands.

Tukholman huonekalumessut Magis
The Color of the Year ‘Classic Blue’ at Magis fair stand

Tukholman huonekalumessut Magis
Orange color tones at Magis stand
Tukholman huonekalumessut 2020
Johanson Design

Playfulness was a key word in the forms of furniture. Pieces of furniture were designed to have round shapes and fun details, creating relaxed overall look. Those fun curved shapes were also part of the interior at many fair stands. Edgy graphic design was featured especially on large floor and wall surfaces.

Tukholman huonekalumessut 2020
Soft and round forms of Mitab furniture
Tukholman huonekalumessut 2020
Baux combined striking geometric shapes with deep colors
Tukholma huonekalumessut 2020
Johanson Design Stroll -stools
Tukholman huonekalumessut 2020
Magis stand

Ecology and Design
A strong theme at this year’s fair was the ecological design which reflected at the fairs stands of several manufacturer. Many products were developed from recycled materials or there were no new products released for the year 2020. In addition to recycled materials, different wood types were commonly used.

Tukholman huonekalumessut 2020
The seat material of the Houe Falk chair is made of recycled plastic
Tikholman huonekalumessut 2020
New Poiat Lavitta Barstool

Thank you for the inspiration Stockholm, we are already looking forward the next year!