New issue of Locus magazine features Amer Sports offices

The real estate and construction trade magazine Locus features a Gullstén-Inkinen Design & Architecture project prominently in its first issue of 2015.

Titled Vanha konepaja sai uuden sydämen (“New Heart for an Old Depot”), the article recounts the transformation of the old Vallila train shop into a modern multi-purpose office and showroom space for sporting goods company Amer Sports. The project was completed last year.

“It’s a building with a soul. It’s interesting to see an old building change and enter a whole new life cycle stage”, tells property manager Matti Puromäki to Locus.

“At Amer Sports’ previous headquarters, each space was designated for one purpose alone. Here all spaces are used in a variety of ways”, adds head designer Jari Inkinen when asked about the cost-efficiency of the new offices.

Visit our Projects page for a pictorial tour into the exciting depths of the 110-year-old building now enjoying a commercial revival.