GI was a part of the winning team of Senaattikiinteistö building project award 2008

Public building Hakaniemenranta 6’s renovation in Helsinki has been chosen for the building project of 2008. The project was awarded by Senaattikiinteistö.

The aim in the renovation was to renew an old public building to an inviting work environment. Space solutions were designed to support the needs of users and actualization of organization strategies. Project was successful. The building fits elegantly in the cityscape of Hakaniemi. The spaces were transformed into a modern work environment. Renewed building accommodates Opetushallitus (The Finnish Board of Education), CIMO (Centre for International Mobility) and Fullbright Center. Strategic plans for the interior and work spaces were made by Gullstén-Inkinen Ltd helped by DEGW. Architect was Antti-Matti Siikala, architect SAFA.