GI repairs and builds

In addition to various interior design projects, we are avid building renovators. Here are a few ongoing or completed projects that our team of architects have been involved with.

Orion Corporation’s head office
Our largest ongoing renovation project is the renovation of Orion Corporation’s head office, originally designed by architect Juhani Katainen. We work there as chief and architectural designers in addition to interior design. The building’s exterior windows and building technology will be renovated, and the interiors will be almost completely renovated. The construction site is already underway and should be ready by spring 2023. Below is a picture of the construction site.

KOy FMO Tapiola
We are the customer’s designer in the office space change on the 4th floor of KOy FMO Tapiola. The building was originally designed by architect Pekka Helin. At the request of the property owner, we were responsible for transferring the space concept prepared by the customer to implementation plans. The facilities were completed in early February.

Hämeentie 19 ja Käenkuja 3
In the spring of 2020, the repair of the protected windows of the oldest part, the high part of Hämeentie 19, was started. Next is the renovation and replacement of the windows in Käenkuja 3. This is an interesting job, because the windows of this well-built house can be partially repaired at a reasonable cost, without the need to replace them.