GI chosen as the first member of the European Architects’ Alliance in the North

GI Design & Architecture is the first Nordic interior design company that has been invited to join the European Architects’ Alliance. EAA has a network of over 20 architect and design companies over Europe and it operates globally.

The Alliance’s operation is based on cooperation that benefits all parties. With over 650 professionals the alliance has extensive expertise in multiple design fields. Client base include companies such as Disney, Discovery Channel, JP Morgan and Vodafone. Membership is only by recommendation of a member. GI’s referee was the London office of an American consulting company IA with who GI has worked with internationally. The membership helps GI export Finnish know-how to the international markets and gives GI considerable competitive advantage.

One of GI’s strengths is its networks and successful work history in Russia and the Baltics. GI has been ranked first for two consecutive years in the Best Office Awards competition in the “Comfort and Ergonomics” category. The competition is organized by Russian design and architecture magazine Project Next. The award gala is held annually in Moscow.

GI’s participation in Finland’s first LEED certified building project was also a key factor in the membership selection. From the very beginning of its operating days GI has been promoting environmental awareness in design. GI was the first design company in the world to be accepted in WWF’s Green Office network.

GI is also a member of both the Finnish-Russian as well as the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce.